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Where did your seafood come from?

T shirts, Hoodies and accessories that celebrate local commercial fishermen.
Death Fish Storied Seafood promotes awareness of the local watermen who provide the most fresh, highest quality seafood.

This simple question brings awareness to the local fishermen and communities who rely on small scale fisheries to provide sustainably sourced seafood. Death Fish Storied Seafood is dedicated to promoting the stories behind the seafood we consume, highlighting the hard work and dedication of the fishermen who harvest it. By supporting small scale fisheries, we not only ensure the long-term health of our fisheries but also support the livelihoods of our local coastal communities. Join us in advocating for local working watermen and insist on local seafood. Boat-to-Plate traceability is the result of Storied Seafood. Storied Seafood is knowing where your seafood came from. Knowing allows you to make a more informed choice for your seafood. Asking where your seafood comes from encourages direct relationships between Working Watermen, restaurants, retailers, and the consumer to bring more locally sourced seafood to your table. Asking where your seafood comes from supports the small scale fisheries that coastal communities have counted on for generations. Always ask where the seafood came from.

Death Fish Storied Seafood Hoodie

The story of Storied Seafood is created when you ask:  Where did it come from? When was it caught? By asking these questions, you can learn the story behind your seafood. Knowing the story helps make more informed choices about what you're eating. Storied Seafood creates a Boat to Plate traceability. If you see the Death Fish Storied Seafood brand, you can trust that your seafood is sustainably and ethically sourced. Storied Seafood raises awareness of the local small businesses of the working watermen to ensure a more sustainable future!

Working watermen provide fresh local seafood

We're passionate about seasonal, native seafood sourced from small scale fisheries. Death Fish Storied Seafood works to promote small-scale fisheries that prioritize sustainable fishing practices, ensuring that the seafood is not only delicious but also responsibly sourced. Asking where the seafood comes from  makes a positive impact and supports local, ethical small businesses.

The best way of supporting local working watermen is to always ask about the seafood. Ask your server or retailer where the seafood came from. The next time someone mentions eating seafood, ask them if they know where it came from. Wearing Death Fish Storied Seafood designs can help start the conversation. This is the beginning of the story for “Storied Seafood”.

Storied Seafood encourages relationships with Working Watermen, restaurants and retailers
  • Did you know: Most seafood imported to the United States is not inspected.


Making informed decisions about the seafood you buy and being aware of where your seafood is sourced is a start to supporting fresh local seafood and the working watermen who provide it.

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