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A Puffing of Deadband 7

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I'll start by saying this flower is a good contender for an all day and leisurely evening mode. I was jamming with a 34.93% THCa potency. Ive come to learn this strain can run in ranges from high 20s to mid-upper 30s.

I caught a good motivational wind from Deadband 7 while being relaxed and able to focus on my task at hand rather than random stinkin-thinkin thoughts. The key to staying on task was thinking and visualizing two to three steps ahead. When nearing completion I noticed this buzz allowed me to easily begin focusing on the next task at hand.

Im not sure if its an Indica or Sativa, I'm guessing its a hybrid. Either way I'm keeping this one in the lineup and will monitor the seasonal availability. Evermore Cannabis Company in Baltimore MD. did a great job cultivating this gem so give them a visit.

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