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Amhurst Sour Diesel by Curio Wellness 24.24% THCa

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Fresh Amhurst Sour Diesel Review
Fresh Amhurst Sour Diesel purchased from Green Wave MD Solomons Island

Right away, Yes. Yup, just add this one to the “Go-To” list. I settled into a great attitude fairly quick.. Energy was there, no anxiety. I was incredibly task oriented and nothing bumped me off my mood. I was so motivated to do something I ended my WGT game early (quit on the 5th hole) and went out to start weedeating the family's properties. Its about 7 acres in total.

Amhurst Sour Diesel review

I step out on to the porch, tuned the ear buds into a playlist and went into a 3 hour weedeating trance. I dont know if the AI DJ on Spotify was just incredibly bad ass today or if this Amhurst Sour Diesel just had me stoked with every song he played.

Amhurst Sour Diesel fresh grind

I scored this particular eighth from GreenWave last night and was actually looking forward to checking it out with morning coffee and some outdoors chores (smokable tasks). It was a great day tater, a great day.

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