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Cereal Milk - Weed Review

Updated: Feb 10

On that same trip to Story Cannabis when I got the Lambsbread i also picked up a 24THCa Sativa from Fade Co. cultivated by Seven Points Agro. While I get it, "Agro" is short for "Agriculture" the word "Aggressive" hits before instantly reminding my high self its not angry.

Tree Donkey Life
Smoking Cereal Milk playing Centipede

Anyway as I always say "I love a good Sativa". Same with this. First off I love cereal. I consider myself a bit of an aficionado of cereals. This is Cereal Milk from Fade Co. I got 7g of popcorn buds (smalls). The purple happened to go nicely with the color scheme of the Centipede level I was on, weird right?

When I opened the pouch (fuk a ziplock) a fruity pebbley bold weed smell rolled out. Mind you I'm a tobacco smoker and former heavy whiskey drinker so my senses are subjective. I ground up som

e of the nuggets and packed my bowl for a few rips. Very smooth, even in the dirty bong.

Tree Donkey Life
Getting ready for the morning puff

I eased into my my buzz playing my game. If your a gamer your know that feel of being on. I was on. Concentrating and anticipating. Hand eye coordination was seamless. I suspect if I had a project lined up I would be focused and anticipating the next steps to completion and maybe even the next project.

Comment with what weed gets you motivated, focused and creative.

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