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Flo Walker, cultivated by Grow West MD

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Today's Puff Was Flo Walker, an Indica heavy strain cultivated by Grow West MD. I got an eighth of Flo Walker trimmed flower. Just puffed about 10 min before this article. Its settling in nice. Im gonna say so far so good.

Theres a nice relaxed feel that lets you know you have plenty of “Fuk-It” to sprinkle on things. For instance There was mold on my bread this morning when I went to make an egg sandwich. I just sprinkled a little “Fuk-It” on it as I chucked it in the bin. Without missing a beat, grabbed my wallet and headed out to Linda's Cafe and treated myself to an Omelette with hash browns, Fresh Toast and black coffee. Turns out a little mold on the bread and an added bit of “Fuk-It” had the day starting out just swell. Yea Flow Walker from Grow West MD is one of those good puffs to hang out with friends or even go out and about to explore. No anxiety, motivation is at Mid-Level and my mind is sharp. I did notice an increased bit of Hand-Eye coordination when playing WGT online golf, then again my accuracy in that game is on or off daily so I’ll have to report back on that effect.

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