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Puffing on the Orange Drizzle

Weed Review Orange Drizzle Flower
Smells so good fresh out of the grinder

Orange Drizzle 28.87 THCa Feel good mellow yet productive. This strain does get you to a nice mellow and productive place. Orange Drizzle popped up on my radar recently on different sites and blogs even to the point I started noticing friends with it. After grinding up a few nuggets, the smell was delicious. (close your eyes and you swear you could sop it up with a biscuit) I was getting a fruity citrus type vibe from the scent. I prefer the flower in the 26% - 32% THCa range and after puffing one and a half to three good puffs, it settles in nicely and now I want to create something and see it from start to finish while being meticulous to create a very nice version of my vision. If you're looking for that mid to late day motivational kick, give Orange Drizzle a try.

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