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GrassRoots Lambsbread Weed Review and Try outs

Just living the Tree Donkey Life: A buddy called to see if I wanted to ride with him to Story Cannabis in MD. I was in town so, yea sure. I went online and dropped an order.


Pack of pre roll cannabis joints getting a review
5 pack of Pre roll shortys from Story Cannabis

I like a sativa all day. 10 minutes later I'm riding shotgun on my way to pick up my order but a donut shop got in the way.

Im going to share my weed "try outs" and reviews along with my go to junk foods that pair well with the weed Im trying.

Weed reviews and pre rolled joints Cannabis review
A nice slow even burn with a smooth throat hit.

I picked up this 5 pack of pre-roll shortys. We get back and try out Grass Roots Lambsbread. (sitting here all high now) I keep saying "Lambs wool" anyway, very smooth smoke with a nice mild taste. THCa 21.34

I'm pretty sure those 5 shorty's are going to be the best $25 bucks I spend all day. edit: Yup I was right.

I feel like chocolate munchkins or chocolate cake donuts with this puff. Half before and half after. I ate 12 munchkins.

Chocolate Cake donut goes great with the smooth hit of this joint
Chocolate cake donut

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Jan 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I like stars.

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