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Fresh Fish Text Alert
Death Fish Storied Seafood is a complete Boat to Plate solution.

Death Fish sources fresh, native, seasonal seafood from local watermen. We use reports from a network of local watermen returning to the dock. We deliver Storied Seafood with the Story.
The story includes:
  • Name of the FV (boat) that caught the fish.
  • Captain and crew who fished them.
  • Geographic region it was harvested.
  • Time it was harvested.
  • Time it was delivered.

Death Fish Seafood Notifications

Thanks for signing up and supporting local working watermen

Sign up for notifications when fresh seafood is in route to the dock. You will ONLY receive a text if there is fresh seafood on the way to the dock.

*Static report currently reporting from:

Patuxent River, MD: Rockfish, White Perch, Catfish
Potomac River, MD: Rock fish, White Perch, Catfish
St. Marys River, MD:
Rockfish White Perch, Speckled Trout, Catfish 

Occasional reports of a Red (puppy) Drum and Sheeps head from random locations.

*Static reports are information obtained from captains and crew who voluntarily provide reports of what they see, hear, and catch. These static reports in now way indicate actual catch or take. Sign up for real time actual catch reports.

With this real time reporting service you'll receive regular updates on the latest catch and prices before it  reaches the docks. If you're interested in making a purchase, simply reply to place your order.

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